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803 living room 01
803 Master Bedroom 01
803 kitchen 02
Queenstown house -2
Queenstown house -5

We provide digital photography services throughout the Waitaki region (Oamaru, Kurow Valley, East Otago, Waimate, and anywhere in between!) and are experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial property work . We have seen and stayed in many properties in our New Zealand travels, and this has continually built my interest and skill in architectural and property photography. We are currently looking to buy a house.  I know what both buyers and sellers are looking for. I have worked with high-end commercial clients in Queenstown, for excample, and now offer an affordable, professional product to the wider region. I am confident that I can capture all the  key features of your property and  represent it at the highest standard to help achieve the best price. 

Property Photography

Luxury Apartment 01

Luxury Apartment 02


Holiday House

Properties For Sale

Property Photography Examples

We provide 12 to 25 high resolution images, with image processing

Standard Photography
up to 150sqm
Commercial Accommodation Photography (hotel, motel, B&B etc.)
Standard Photography
from 301 sqm up to 400 sqm
From $200
From $250
From $300
From $100 per Hour
Up to 1 hour on-site
Up to 1.5 hour on-site
Up to 2 hour on-site
12 - 15 Images
15 - 18 Images
18 - 25 Images
12 - 25 Images
Up to 48hr Image Delivery
Up to 48hr Image Delivery
Up to 48hr Image Delivery
Up to 48hr Image Delivery
Urgent (3hr Image Delivery) +$30
Urgent (3hr Image Delivery) +$40
Urgent (3hr Image Delivery) +$50

*Price are no GST included

Standard Photography
from 151 sqm up to 300 sqm

**360 Degree and Aerial(Drone) photography options are coming soon

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